Reviews and Comments

“Angela Haseltine Pozzi is a creator of worlds, with an imagination as strong as Dr. Seuss and a technique as detailed as American assemblage artist Joseph Cornell.  .... In 2003 , Pozzi was included in the Oregon Biennial, displaying work that undulated with energy. Her forms echoed the organic mishmash of the sub aquatic, shapes that might be seen from the dry side of a scuba mask.  Formally and aesthetically triumphant...  These new pieces buzz with contrasting emotions.  A push-pull of tidal-size gestures and well as fantasy and play...”
Victoria Blake, “Tactile Reminders of Tangible Space, The Oregonian, 
July 29,2005, Arts and Entertainment magazine

“Four Haseltines II” is the second Haseltine family exhibition held at Childhood’s End Gallery in Olympia.  ....Angela’s mixed-media sculptures are the surprise of this show.  They are fantasy forms inspired by sea anemones, urchins, corals....they are densely packed and visually expansive, as if explosive growth is immanent. The colors are intense.  ... “Hot Sea Wall”, a wall hanging is a round mass or red, orange, purple and blue....It reminds me a lot of some of Dale Chihuly’s better work, only made from cloth instead of glass.  “
Alec Clayton, The Volcano,  September 14, 2006

“(Angela’s) work is great fun.  There is nothing else like this in the biennial (exhibit)   She has a unique voice...It shows whimsy, humor and a true love of nature.”
Bruce Guenther, Curator of Contemporary Art, Portland Art Museum
from the article,Brett Oppegaard, The Columbian, Love and art, conquer all,
July 13, 2003, pp 4,6

“... Angela Haseltine Pozzi’s colorful re-creation's of marine life use all manner of fuzzy fiber materials that fuse wild-child fantasy with expert craftsmanship”.
D.K. Row, The Oregonian, Arts Week, “A Question of Commitment”,
June 29, 2003, p E4

“ The sculptures are so imaginative and wondrous that it is easy to get lost in their beauty and forget all that goes into them.  For Pozzi, the craftsmanship and three dimensional design is critical... they slowly evolve and look so much like the real thing, it’s hard to take your eyes, and hands - off of them”.
Gina Bacon, The Columbian, “Vancouver Artist, Sculpts a Sea”,July 17, 2003

“The most inventive works in the show, ( Four Haseltines)  are those of ...Angela....
The sculptures in particular have a very personal and intimate feel to them....These works are lush, warm and playful.”  
Alec Clayton, The Ranger, The Visual Edge, June 2000